John Basedow Has Sunk to a New Low…If That’s Even Possible

25 03 2007

I know almost everyone has been up real late at night, surfing the channels for something decent to watch and stumbled across John Basedow’s “Fitness Made Simple” commercial. My friends and I would always laugh at this guy because his hair looks worse than a cancer patient on intensive chemo-therapy. He’s promoting his exercise plans and videos, but when you look at him, you think he’d starved himself for months, had surgery to install bicep and chest implants, got a spray on golden tan, and rubbed himself down in oil. He doesn’t look good. John Basedow looks like the most unhealthy body builder I’ve ever seen.

John Basedow

Last night, my friends and I were bored and watching TV, and once again a John Basedow commercial came on. We began laughing as he stood there talking and trying not to look like he was flexing. You always know he is flexing though. Who talks standing with their side facing the camera with their arm pressed against the side of their chest in order to make their arms look bigger? But this commercial was a little different. He advertised a fucking MySpace. Now, you can visit John on Just like every other celebrity on the planet, Basedown has jumped on the MySpace bandwagon. I couldn’t resist so I had to go to Basedow’s MySpace Page. Apparently John thinks he needs a reality tv show, but unlike every other celebrity, no one wanted to give him one. You may be asking yourself why would John Basedow need a reality tv show? He doesn’t. He’s a fitness instructor that doesn’t look like he has the strength to walk on his own. Basedow took the liberty to film his reality show by himself, and post it on his MySpace page. I’ve only gotten through about 30 seconds of one episode before I realized it was completely retarded and didn’t deserve another 30 seconds of my life.

The sad thing is, John Basedow seems like he is a nice guy. He’s polite and appears genuine on camera but I really feel that the lack of vital nutrients required by the human body that John starved himself of has seriously altered the chemical balance in his brain.

John Basedow is the last person I would take exercise and fitness advice from and he is the last person that I’d want to watch on tv for more than 45 seconds.


No More Curtis

16 01 2007

I didn’t plan on watching this season of 24 because I felt like last season was just the same old recycled theme but my friend informed me that Curtis was killed off this past episode.


Apparently he contractted rabies and started wylin out so Jack had to put him down. LOL.