The Commercials Part II

5 02 2007

Ok, I wasn’t aware that YouTube had posted all of the commercials, so here they are:

Snickers: Definitely weird, but funny. I remember alot of people laughing at this.

Bud Light – Rock Paper Scissors: Probably one of my favorites from yesterday.

Emerald Nuts: I always like their commercials for the sheer stupidity.

Sierra Mist: Jim Gaffigan is hilarious. The beard come over is gonna catch on.

If you guys want to see the rest of them, or even vote on them, go YouTube


Super Bowl XLI and the Commercials

5 02 2007

Congratulations to the Colts and Peyton Manning. Alot of people complained about the sloppiness of the game, but I enjoyed it. The first kick off of the game resulted in Hestor returning it for a touchdown, then a fumble by the Colts, then the Bears, then an interception, and then a missed extra point. We get it God, rain makes footballs slippery.


Until the end of the third quarter, it was definitely holding up to be a great game. I’m glad Peyton won his Super Bowl, because he is a great player and a class act. So now, we can all stop feeling bad for him and go back to watching our own teams (next year at least).

I thought there were some really funny commercials this year, although not many new ones. I really liked the Bud Light one, just like everybody else, that was my favorite. There were a few very awkward ones too. All I caught of the Snickers commercial was two guys kissing. I don’t know where they were going with that. The Doritos commercial was absolutely appauling as well, “Clean up on register 6”. Not nice.

iFilm has most of the commercials up on their site so go over and check them out if you haven’t seen them.

American Idol Season 6: ATTACK OF THE INBREDS

24 01 2007

I could never really get into American Idol because I’m not into pop music. I also can’t see myself respecting an artist who is hand picked by just singing songs that are handed to them. Don’t get me wrong, I respect people who have good voices, but there is something that sets apart singers from great artists. Great artists write their own music, maybe even play an instrument, and to top it off, they can sing as well. American Idol is what it is, a reality show, and to me, once the season is over, it shouldn’t go anywhere after that. The person who is declared winner may have a great voice, but the way they got their contract has to be the most absolutely generic path they could have chosen.

Anyway, although I do not follow American Idol, I watch the first three or four episodes religiously. I love seeing these clearly delusional sociopaths embarass themselves on television every Wednesday night. Sometimes I question if it is an act or not because some of these people are clearly terrible and have no place even auditioning. I know I have a horrible voice, therefore I would never pitch a tent on the streets of Manhattan, piss in a bucket for a week, and eat thirty half cooked hot pockets, for Simon Cowell to tell me that I should go home and put the barrel of a gun in my mouth. Honestly, that guy is a fucking prick, but the shit that comes out of his mouth is hilarious. He could do stand up by just ripping on the audience for an hour and I would watch every second of it.

So far, the first few episodes of this season have been hilarious. I don’t know where some of these people crawl out from or what parts of the back woods of West Virginia Fox finds them in. The producers are getting really crafty with the shitty auditions this season too which makes it that much more comical. They are putting dramatic music behind the contestants little pleas after they are brutally shot down to make it seem like a soap opera. The judges this season have just gotten so fed up with some of these people for wasting their time, they just don’t give a fuck what they say to them. I’ve never seen Paula Abdul so cold.

If you haven’t seen any of the auditions you can check them out here:

WTF Long Island Girl Fight Makes News

16 01 2007

I’m sitting in my room tonight minding my own business when I hear my roommate and his girlfriend screaming for me to come into the living room. At first I’m cautious because we are known to shoot fireworks at each other unsuspectingly, but when I get in there I see it’s safe because they are both sitting on the couch with a freshly hit, smoking, Illadelph in front of them (for those of you who don’t know, that’s a bong).

I look at the TV and what do I see? A home video of two girls beating the shit out of a girl who looks no older than 13. The two girls dishing out the beating appeared much older. I’m wondering what the fuck is the big deal about this is until I see the headline: ‘Long Island Girl Fight’, or something along those lines. Not only Long Island, but North Babylon, about twenty minutes from my house, my mom’s home town.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m back at school in Delaware, so this made the Philadelphia news. They must be taking this pretty seriously.

For those of you who want to check it out, here is the link to the story with a link to the video at the bottom of the page:

Girl Beatdown
(Sorry, couldn’t find it on YouTube yet ;x )

They even said that this activity is commonly known on Long Island as ‘hopping’, which means ‘jumping’ for those of you who aren’t as hood savvy as me. I found that funny since on the internet I go by the name ‘h0pper’.

But anyway, I’d just like to congratulate these Long Islanders on furthering our already sterling reputation to the rest of the north eastern United States. On the bright side though, maybe everyone will slowly begin to drop the stereotype that all people from Long Island are rich, spoiled, brats. We are so hood, ain’t that a bitch.

Andy Dick is Hilarious

14 01 2007

Andy Dick is one of the most underrated comedians today. His show was hilarious but I guess it got cancelled. Watch this clip. It’s a spoof on the MTV show Fear.

The Wire

13 01 2007

Let me just start by saying that this show is the most addicting show I have ever watched. More than 24, more than anything. I never had HBO before, so graphic violence and language on TV really does alot for a show like this. The show takes place in Baltimore, Maryland and every season focuses on different characters in the city. Last season, season four, was primarily about the Mayor and some local kids who get involved in the drug and murder scene.


I’ve only seen seasons one and four and skipped through most of two, but I just started three and I can’t stop watching the show. I think it’s because of the way that it shows both the drug dealing and policing sides of the story. From the perspective of the Baltimore Police Dept. you see how frustrating and impossible it is to fight a war on drugs, and from the street perspective you see how they don’t want to sell drugs and go back and forth killing each other over drugs and territory but it is their only way to get out of that environment. You get both perspectives and it really makes you think about alot of social issues going on in America today.