New Theme

16 01 2007

Ok, I know I have been changing the banner, and then updating it and everything, but this new theme suits my taste alot better than the last. I’m definitely feeling the darker colors and the more organized layout of this one.

This is my first blog, but not my first website, so I am usually designing my own layouts, but thus far, I like this system. If anyone is curious, you can check out my old website that I designed and my friend Frank coded.


New Banner, again

13 01 2007

Ok, so I changed the banner once more. This one should last for more than two days, or until I get sick of it. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on it. If you have any good ideas let me know.

Temp Banner

12 01 2007

I put a new banner up, it’s only temporary though because I don’t like it at all. It is better than the stock one they gave me though. Expect to see a new one in the next day or so.

First Blog

12 01 2007

Wait for the re-up.