Snow at UD = Fun

14 02 2007

Monday morning the weather channels started talking about a pretty decent sized snow storm headed my way: Newark, Delaware (the University of Delaware). Some professors even started talking about already cancelling classes on Wednesday, because not everyone that teaches or attends UD lives in the immediate area. We have alot of people traveling from southern Delaware and anywhere around Philadelphia, PA.

I woke up Tuesday morning bright and early at 7 AM for my 8:00 AM Accounting Information Systems class. Nice. There was nothing on the ground yet but it looked like it had just begun to flurry. By the time I was out of my next class at 10:45, there was about two to three inches on the ground. Late last night, it began to sleet.

The University of Delaware is known for its strict rulings on snow closures, so honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. I checked my email to see if any of my classes were cancelled. The one professor that was talking about closing on Monday had already sent out an email at about 5 AM. I like that guy. I looked out of my front window and saw about 4-5 inches of snow, covered in another inch of ice from the night. UD has recently been in the process of attempting to change its reputation from the number 5 school on the list of Playboy’s best party schools, to more of a Stalin’s Soviet Russia type image. I was expecting something like this on the UD website:

All students are to be report to the nearest academic building at 8AM. Shovels and picks will be handed out to clear roads and pathways for afternoon and evening classes. Students who fail to show up will be expelled, fined, and then executed. Have a nice day 🙂

Obviously, that isn’t what I found, but it was close enough. Every single other university, college, high school, elementary school, and senior recreation center within a 50 mile radius were shut down.

Benny 1

Benny 2

As you can see from the pictures, I’m fairly close to campus. But don’t be fooled, those buildings towards the left of the first picture are dorms. That building is about 50 yards from my house but it’s still about another 10 minute walk to get to any of your classes.

Now I’m not saying that four to five inches of snow is a big deal. I’m from New York so I’ve seen my share of snow. But, when you don’t plow it, let sleet settle in nicely on top of it, and take into account the amount of people you would have commuting to and from the university all day, you would think the school and the town would get together and say, “Well we better do something about this or cancel everything for the day, because it is just going to turn into a huge mess.” Nope. Instead, they figure, “Hey lets delay until 10 AM, that way, it will maybe, um, melt a little..?”

So let me clear this up for you:
1. We got some snow.
2. We got some sleet on top of it.
3. The town didn’t clear any roads.
4. The school didn’t clear any walkways in order to get to class.
5. They didn’t cancel anything.

On top of all that, some fucking asshole from the town of Newark comes to my door and tells me, if you don’t shovel the sidewalk in front of your house, you are going to get fined. Motherfucker. You’re telling me, you don’t have to plow any roads that stretch through this entire shit hole, highly populated, dense town , but if I don’t clear a 27 foot stretch of sidewalk in front of my shitty ass overpriced, filthy, house, I’m going to have to pay anywhere between $50 and $100?

Fuck me. These guys have really mastered the art of politics and incompetence.

Happy Valentine’s Day.