Imus, Just Shut the Fuck Up

10 04 2007

Oh my God. What made him think he would get away uncscathed after making a comment like that? “Nappy headed ho’s”? Clearly it wasn’t a thought out comment. He began his comments by saying that the Rutgers Women’s basketball team looked like a rough group, covered in tattoos and such. He then went on to call them some “Nappy headed ho’s”? I’m sure immediately after he said that, he almost let an “Oh fuck” slip out as well.

This guy is a retard. You can’t go around saying shit like that on tv and radio. He is going to be crucified.

If you want to hear the comments come from his mouth (which might be stapled shut by Al Sharpton in the future), watch here:


Britney Spears Has Lost Her Mind

18 02 2007

When Britney Spears got together with Kevin Federline, I shrugged it off because I know that every girl goes through her ‘bad boy’ stage. I’m not saying that Kevin Federline is bad, in fact, he’s far from it, but he does try to come off hard. K-Fed is more of a misguided, confused, classless, idiot. I’m sorry but a wife beater and a flat brim doesn’t make you gangster.

So as I said, I didn’t think much of it when Britney married him. Then I heard she had gotten pregnant and I started to think maybe this was a more serious relationship than I had anticipated. Wrong. Not even a year after her first child was born she divorces K-Fed and starts hanging out with Paris Hilton, the amateur porn queen. Even then I just assumed she was just trying to have a little fun and maybe even convey a message that single moms can still have fun. I don’t know, maybe not. But that is what it seemed like to me.

Then she starts flashing her cooter all over the place and there are rumors of her having drug abuse problems etc. Where the hell did that come from? Paris Hilton really knows how to ruin lives and it starts by her convincing her friends not to wear underwear in public.

Now Britney goes and pulls this:

Britney 1

Britney 2

Oh my God. Apparently she checked herself into a drug rehab center in Antigua (or some other place like that, I’m sorry I can’t find the exact location), spent a day there, came out, shaved her head, then got a tattoo. I guess one day in drug rehab really does make you cold as ice.

It’s clear that Britney has lost her mind. You have two children. Go home. You shouldn’t be partying until six in the morning with Paris Hilton unless you want to turn up on every porn website on the internet. Something is seriously wrong with this girl and she needs help.

Giuliani to Run for President in 08

15 02 2007

Former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, has confirmed speculation that he will be runnning for the presidency in 2008.


As a New Yorker, I remember Giuliani’s response to the attacks on September 11th. He did a great job then and has been praised ever since. He also did a great job cleaning up New York City before the terror attacks. He cracked down on crime and cleaned up the city a great deal. I still hear my dad raving about the things he did for New York today. Apparently the city streets were infested with millions of crack heads that would scurry out to your car, spit on your windshield, clean it with their sleeve, and ask for money. That was before Giuliani came into office and when I was younger, so I don’t know if that’s true, that’s just what I’m told.

Tyrone Biggums

As an Italian American, I would love to see Giuliani represent the Republicans. I’m not sure if the rest of the country is ready for an Italian American president though. I’m sure the the north east will support him (he’ll probably even be able to grab some of the Democratic population too) but the south would have a problem with an I-talian winning the primary. It’s a ridiculous thought but still true in the year 2007.

Giuliani definitely has my vote.

6 Men Detained for Panda Virus

13 02 2007

Six Chinese men are being detained by the Chinese government for coding and or using the infamous Panda virus. Apparently this worm was able to steal a bunch of different types of accounts and passwords, ranging from instant messenger accounts to online gaming accounts. The gaming accounts that were stolen were then sold for real money. I’m guessing they were MMORPG accounts. Yet another reason not to waste your life on becoming a level 67 blood mage.

Being detained in China is probably the last thing anyone wants these days. Especially with all the human rights issues going on over there.

We all know what happened last time Chinese citizens did something their government didn’t like.


Anna Nicole Smith, Dead at 39

8 02 2007

Anna Nicole Smith, the Playboy Playmate, was pronounced dead today due to unknown causes at the age of 39.

Anna Nicole

They aren’t sure what the causes were yet, but an autopsy is scheduled for Friday. Recently, Anna was going through alot. Her son Daniel had just passed away recently, and she was now going through legal procedures in regards to the father of her newly born baby.

Honestly, I felt bad for this woman. Over the past few years she has been ridiculed and humiliated more publically than anyone else in entertainment. I remember hearing her on the Howard Stern show a few times and those idiots just tore her apart.

Like I said, they aren’t sure what killed her but I’m thinking it had alot to do with the stress that she was going through. Who knows what meds they were pumping her with too.

Hopefully this will get cleared up in the next few days.

Astronaut Affections, Assault, and Attempted Murder

6 02 2007

You like that alliteration, don’t you? I saw this today and thought it was pretty hilarious. The mug shot was actually what caught my eye more than the title of the article.

U.S. Navy Capt. Lisa Nowak, who flew on the space shuttle Discovery last July, drove 950 miles from Houston to Orlando — wearing diapers so she wouldn’t have to stop to urinate — to assault a woman she considered competition for the affections of a male astronaut, police said.



I thought people who the United States government sends into space on billion dollar space shuttles had to undergo extensive testing and surveillance to make sure they aren’t the least bit insane. This woman strikes me as Ted Bundy insane. I can understand her wanting to lay the punishment down on someone who is fuckin’ with her mans but the whole wearing diapers thing makes me question her sanity.

This makes me wonder if this was a slight lapse in judgement or just a complete disregard for what is considered acceptable behavior.

1. She planned on killing someone
2. She has a family
3. She had no relationship with the male astronaut other than a professional relationship.