AC Milan 3 – 0 Manchester United

2 05 2007

Ok, so I was wrong. I completely underestimated AC Milan. But, in all fairness they had a pretty deceiving season. I feel that since they were penalized in Serie A, they barely focused on winning the title and concentrated their efforts on the Champions League and in doing so I assumed their team was not playing at the level they were capable of. They not only beat Man U, they beat them by 3 goals, and shut them out. Kaka is amazing. He brings alot of momentum to the pitch and pushes and pushes until he lands a strike. At times he almost looks clumsy on the field for some reason, but the ball always seems to fall at his feet and then in the back of the net.


AC Milan’s first goal was scored in the 11th minute by their wonderboy Kaka.

United looked out of it from the kickoff and I began to fear for the worse when I saw that shot go in. Milan had been pushing hard very early and seemed to control most of the play. Even after AC drew first blood, Manchester didn’t seem to wake up with the fury that we are so used to seeing them do. They just seemed to play the ball up to Milan’s 18, there would be a scramble, the ball would pop out, and it would either get pushed all the way back to van der Sar or Milan would take it for a run usually finishing with a shot or a dangerously close encounter with the United defense who seemed to be having trouble keeping themselves upright with the pounding rain. That’s when Seedorf put in the second.

It’s not in the replay, but Vidic and Heinze were messing around in the back, which they shouldn’t have been doing, when Vidic slipped and the ball squirted out to Pirlo. After a chip into the box, Seedorf survived a tackle by Vidic and almost replicated Kaka’s strike. Vidic should not have played anyway. He was deemed fit but it was his first game back from breaking his collar bone. It was clear he could not keep up with Kaka as the Brazilian scorched him up and down the pitch for 90 minutes.

I thought Manchester might be able to recover with a point and possibly get lucky in overtime or even win a penalty shoot out, but their forwards just had not been given enough opportunities. When Rooney did find the ball at his feet he seemed to be swarmed by defenders and unable to even get a pass off to someone in shooting position. Cristiano Ronaldo also had a frustrating performance. Ronaldo found himself in front of goal a few times but had no luck in finding the net. Two of his attempts were stopped short by Milan defenders, making Dida’s job rather easy.

Gilardino was subbed in for Inzaghi and not shortly after he found himself on a break away against van der Sar.

So AC Milan will move on to Athens, and Manchester United will head home to jolly old England. Kind of upsetting in my opinion. I was pulling for Man U, especially since AC had been found guilty of fixing matches last season in Serie A but apparently Milan really were the better team.




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3 05 2007

Nobody cares about soccer. We need more rants. Here are some ideas:
Your shitty roomate Tom.
Your shitty house.
Your shitty college.
Your shitty accounting grades.
etc etc

4 05 2007


5 05 2007

lol, thanks pat.

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