Roma: 2, Man. Utd.: 1 – Roma Police: 4000, Man. Utd.: Fans 0

5 04 2007

Manchester United and AS Roma faced off in the Champion’s league yesterday which resulted in a 2-1 win for Roma. This was a pretty big upset in my opinion but not the biggest news that came out of the match.

There has been alot of violence in European soccer lately, especially in Italy with the recent death of a poiliceman in a Sampdoria and Catania match. I’m sure that this has contributed to a tension that Italian police are experiencing nationwide, but what happened yesterday was pure insanity.

roma beating

According to ESPNsoccernet,

“While the Roma supporters were able to hurl missiles into the visiting section of the stadium and charge towards the perspex barrier following Taddei’s goal with impunity, United fans doing exactly the same thing in response were met with extreme force.”

Apparently Roma police flooded into the visitors section of the stadium and began delivering a vicious beatdown to any Manchester United supporter that stood in their path. There have even been reports of police beating unconcious and subdued fans, while also ripping cameras away from anyone who looked to be recording or photographing the incident.

roma beating

Manchester United have condemned the attacks and are expecting something to be done about the incident, especially since the attacks have been deemed as “indiscriminate beatings to United supporters”.

On the other hand, Italian Football Federation president Giancarlo Abete has praised the policeman and said:

“The English press speak of heavy handed police? We owe gratitude to our law enforcers and I don’t believe those who try to make games safe can be crucified in this manner.”

I understand that the police need to protect themselves but I’m not so sure that they handled this one as elegantly as Abete is making it seem.




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