AS Roma at Old Trafford: It’s Gonna Be Bloody

10 04 2007

This match is going to be ridiculous. A week ago the Red Devils were in Rome, where their fans were brutally beat down by the Roma Police, not to mention, Manchester lost 2-1. Now Roma, standing tall in second place in Serie A behind the powerhouse Inter, are in England. There have already been reports of fighting and rioting outside Old Trafford.



Imus, Just Shut the Fuck Up

10 04 2007

Oh my God. What made him think he would get away uncscathed after making a comment like that? “Nappy headed ho’s”? Clearly it wasn’t a thought out comment. He began his comments by saying that the Rutgers Women’s basketball team looked like a rough group, covered in tattoos and such. He then went on to call them some “Nappy headed ho’s”? I’m sure immediately after he said that, he almost let an “Oh fuck” slip out as well.

This guy is a retard. You can’t go around saying shit like that on tv and radio. He is going to be crucified.

If you want to hear the comments come from his mouth (which might be stapled shut by Al Sharpton in the future), watch here:

Roma: 2, Man. Utd.: 1 – Roma Police: 4000, Man. Utd.: Fans 0

5 04 2007

Manchester United and AS Roma faced off in the Champion’s league yesterday which resulted in a 2-1 win for Roma. This was a pretty big upset in my opinion but not the biggest news that came out of the match.

There has been alot of violence in European soccer lately, especially in Italy with the recent death of a poiliceman in a Sampdoria and Catania match. I’m sure that this has contributed to a tension that Italian police are experiencing nationwide, but what happened yesterday was pure insanity.

roma beating

According to ESPNsoccernet,

“While the Roma supporters were able to hurl missiles into the visiting section of the stadium and charge towards the perspex barrier following Taddei’s goal with impunity, United fans doing exactly the same thing in response were met with extreme force.”

Apparently Roma police flooded into the visitors section of the stadium and began delivering a vicious beatdown to any Manchester United supporter that stood in their path. There have even been reports of police beating unconcious and subdued fans, while also ripping cameras away from anyone who looked to be recording or photographing the incident.

roma beating

Manchester United have condemned the attacks and are expecting something to be done about the incident, especially since the attacks have been deemed as “indiscriminate beatings to United supporters”.

On the other hand, Italian Football Federation president Giancarlo Abete has praised the policeman and said:

“The English press speak of heavy handed police? We owe gratitude to our law enforcers and I don’t believe those who try to make games safe can be crucified in this manner.”

I understand that the police need to protect themselves but I’m not so sure that they handled this one as elegantly as Abete is making it seem.

adult swim Are a Bunch of Smart Ass Pricks

1 04 2007

So, as you can see in my post below, I was eagerly awaiting the premier of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres. I knew it couldn’t be true that they would show their movie on TV about two weeks before its theatrical debut. And it was. At 10 PM ATHF:MFFT came on, and about 1 minute into the movie, it switches to Futurama. The ATHF movie shrunk down to about the size of a business card, and remained playing in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then this text appeared:

“You are now watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres…You are now also watching Futurama.”

Sons of bitches. I knew they were going to pull something like this, especially it being April Fools and all. Everyday I watch adult swim and everyday I read their coy little messages of simple white text against a plain black background, and think to myself, these guys are a bunch of sarcastic assholes (although funny at the same time). They have gone too far.

I got owned.

ATHF Colon Movie Film For Theatres on adult swim Tonight

1 04 2007

All I have to say about this is that you better put on [adult swim] at 10 PM EST tonight to watch the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres. It will be amazing(ly retarded).

athf movie