American Idol’s Worst Nightmare Has Come True

28 03 2007

I don’t watch American Idol, except for the first few episodes that are hilarious at the expense of a few misguided sociopaths. This season, there is something different going on. I heard my mom bitching about one of the contestants and how bad he was. She said some Indian sounding name, and I put two and two together, since I had see an Indian kid in the auditions, and pinned a name to a face. I didn’t pay much attention to the comment or the ensuing conversation. All I knew was that she was blaming the terrible Indian kid’s success on adolescent girls and their ability to completely seize and rape pop music. She mentioned that in one episode some girl in the audience was crying, just like they do at every Back Street Boys concert.


That’s the picture of the actual girl crying while Sanjaya Malakar is performing “Girl You Really Got Me Now”, not a traditonal 12 year old girl cries her eyes out hit.

I got home and didn’t think twice about my mother’s suspiciously borderline racist comments. But, around 10:00 PM EST, my mom came into the room and started ranting about this kid again, mentioning how he wasn’t even in the bottom three contestants of the night. That’s when my dad jumped in: “Yeah, it’s that American Idol conspiracy.” What? An American Idol conspiracy? I was floored. Apparently a bunch of bloggers are encouraging everyone to vote for the worst contestants on American Idol. Genius. I have beeyn waiting for something like this to happen for years. Simon is absolutely furious. He knows what’s going on. He’s not an idiot. You can see it in his eyes, he knows that this kid sucks, and he knows that the internet has waged war upon him and his show.

Upon further investigation, I found Right now, the site is down because the site is probably getting intense traffic now that this ‘conspiracy’ is public knowledge.

If you’d like to see some footage of Sanjaya sucking, watch here:

Girl crying:




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29 03 2007

Holy shit, I woke up this morning and my dad was watching Fox News and the headline read, “Can Sanjaya destroy TV’s biggest show?” I burst out hysterically laughing. PTI has been making fun of the whole thing for a while. On Tuesday, Tony Reali, a.k.a. “Stat Boy” had a piece of paper with “I

9 04 2007

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