Chelsea vs. Tottenham: Amazng Shevchenko Goal, Lampard Dodges a Punch

20 03 2007

Chelsea faced off against Tottenham yesterday and the game was in Tottenham’s favor going into the second half. They had quite a few nice opportunities and I had Chelsea where they wanted them, until Andriy Shevchenko pulled this out:

Amazing. To be able to bend a shot that way and place it perfectly in the top left upright is not easy.

After the game, a fan rushed the field and took a swing (a pretty pathetic one) at Frank Lampard. You’ll see Lampard dodge the punch and the rest of the Chelsea squad stomp the fan out, starting with Didier Drogba. If you are going to try to sucker punch someone, make sure you hit them.




4 responses

20 03 2007

I saw that goal while half-asleep in bed this morning watching Sportscenter. Yea, that is pretty ridiculous.

20 03 2007

haha yeah I didn’t even know it made SportsCenter, I caught it on FSC last night. Shevchenko said it was his greatest goal ever.

21 03 2007

ive done that before… not the goal, but thrown a punch, missed, got tackled, and then stomped

21 03 2007

lol, yeah I can see that.

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