Snoop Dogg Arrested in Sweden, God of War II Reviewed

12 03 2007

Since when is Snoop Dogg getting arrested breaking news?

Snoop Mug

He was almost convicted of murder about ten years ago and it’s common knowledge that THC will be traceable in his system for the rest of his life. But, the Swedish police thought it was necessary to arrest him and make a story out of it. Apparently he was stopped in a car (not sure if he was driving) and was arrested because the officer found him to be under the influence of narcotics. If he was high on crack, then ok, this is news only because rappers don’t smoke crack, they sell it. But, if he was high on anything else besides that, who gives a shit. I think I’ve even heard my grandmother talk about Snoop Dogg blazing “L’s”. The Swedish police made Snoop give some body samples in order to determine if he was in fact under the influence. The results are to be determined in two the three weeks. Now you need a lab to determine if Snoop Dogg was high? What the fuck. I’m going to go with my gut on this one and say he was.

Snoop High

If found guilty, he can face up to $280 in fines. Snoop Dogg will whipe his ass with $280 dollars, then smoke it, and get high from the amount of THC absorbed in his excrement.

Anyway, the first reviews of God of War II are starting to surface and the infamous GameSpot has posted its review. GameSpot is known for being very critical, but God of War II dominated their faces with a 9.2/10.

GoW 2

God of War I was an amazing game on a semi-outdated console and now Playstation 2 is completely in the shadows of XBOX 360 and the PS3 but the second installment managed to be described like this:

“Simply put, it’s easily one of the best action adventure games of the last console generation, and it even trumps much of what has been shown in the current generation. For fans of the first game, and fans of bloody, violent, exciting action in general, God of War II shouldn’t be missed.”

God of War II releases tomorrow in the United States and I’m sure anyone who owns a PS2 will be shelling out their last $40 they will ever spend on a PS2 game ever again.




5 responses

12 03 2007

PS2 is still alive and well.

13 03 2007

apparently. I wouldn’t know lol.

13 03 2007

Funny Snoop article, I laughed for a good couple minutes with my room mate lol.

13 03 2007

lol, thanks. That’s what I was going for.

16 03 2007

haha ol’ analog gettin dirty with his own website. Shit was quality, minus the video game review. What the fuck is this, video game magazine weekly?

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