Assault at the Coliseum

8 03 2007

The Rangers and Islanders faced off tonight and what started off as a good game ended in a brutal assault.

According to

“Hollweg laid Simon into the boards hard. Whether or not that hit was legal will probably be something that’s debated for a long time to come. What came after that, Simon getting up and catching Hollweg in the face with his stick, won’t be.”

When you watch the video, you’ll see the hit and the baseball swing with a hockey stick. That had to hurt. Not only do I think Simon should be suspended for the rest of the year, but I also feel that Hollweg should press charges if he wants to.

If you want a better look at the hit, go here:

Hockey is getting ridiculous. I feel like they have been condoning fights in order to get ratings up but this is just out of hand. They are going to need to edit the rule books for this one.

Maybe they’ve seen one too many trailers for 300.




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