Inter & Valencia: Ends in 2nd Draw and Another Fight

7 03 2007

Internazionale and Valencia faced off today for the second time in a UEFA cup match. The first time these two clubs met, it ended in a draw, as did this match. This is upsetting enough for me because this will not put Inter through to the next round. But, this match also ended in another embarassing “brawl”. At the end of the match, tempers started to flare and David Navarro, of Valencia, stormed the pitch and sucker punched Nicolas Burdisso of Inter, breaking his nose. Now, for those of you who don’t know, I am a huge Inter fan, but, anyone who watches the clips would clearly side with Inter.

You can see the whole thing happen in that clip, but if you missed the sucker punch on Burdisso, you can get a better look here:

Navarro, in his nice grey jumpsuit, takes a swing at Burdisso, while it looks like the Inter player is either tangled up with someone else or may even be trying to break up another scuffle. Over at the somewhat manly nerd, my friend is deeming all soccer players as “pussies”. If you watch that clip, it obviously does not portray soccer players as anything else, but I feel it is my duty to attempt to convince you otherwise. Obviously, what Navarro did is easily and justly classified as a pussy move, but I feel that Inter held their own in this situation and both sides should not be easily stereotyped.

After Navarro sucker punches Burdisso, he doesn’t hesitate to run, and to me it looks like Zanetti and Maicon of Inter attempt to chase him down to no avail (unfortunately). I wish Adriano had been on the pitch because he probably would have caught Navarro and given him the serious ass kicking that he deserves. Anyway, Navarro ran to his locker room in an attempt to hide from the furious Italian club and Inter followed but was stopped by the stadium’s security force. If it had come down to it, I think Inter would have literally killed Navarro. Not only did he punch one of their teammates in the face, but he ran away as soon as he did it; the ultimate pussy move.

As I said, I am not saying that Navarro did not act like a coward whatsoever, I just want to make it clear that Inter wouldv’e handled business if they had the chance.

Roberto Mancini, head coach of Inter, had this to say:

I didn’t see anything because I was the first person on my way back to the dressing room. The boys told me what had happened after. Now I have seen the footage, I can say that the Valencia player is a coward. There’s nothing else you can say about someone who throws a punch like that then runs away.

Clearly, no one is considering this incident anything else that cowardly.




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