Buffalo vs. Ottawa: Gang Wars on Ice

23 02 2007

When I was between the ages of 5 and 12, hockey was my game. I still remember seeing my first ever hockey game on TV between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils, and asking my dad who he was rooting for. Being from New York, he told me to root for the blue team, the Rangers. I started playing ice hockey about a year later after becoming completely obsessed with the sport which I then played for about three years until it became too expensive for my family. I then turned to roller hockey for a few years. After a few seasons of roller hockey, I got burnt out of the sport and almost completely forgot about it until recently.

I’ve been following hockey recently and I know that there have been some major changes made to the game since the strike two years ago. The ‘acceptance’ of fighting is one of those changes and fighting on the ice has apparently become an everyday occurrence. I’m pretty sure I see a nice scuffle on ESPN Sports Center at least twice a day.

But last night was absolutely insane.

Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators drills Chris Drury of the Buffalo Sabres a late hit. Drury gets sent down quick, his helmet comes off and there is some blood spilled. Drew Stafford steps in and him and Neil start exchanging punches.

Buffalo’s coach doesn’t like what he sees happening to Drury and sends out five thugs onto the ice. You can see at the face off, the Sabre’s have no intentions of going after the puck:

What the hell is going on? The goalies are fighting? No one has seen that since like the 1970’s. This has to be the biggest brawl in sports since that pussy Varitek from the Boston Red Sox tried to fight Alex Rodriguez, sparking the Yankees-Red Sox brawl.




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