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8 02 2007

USA defeated Mexico in an international “friendly” yesterday 2-0. The first US goal was scored off of a header from a corner kick by Jimmy Conrad and the second was put in by Landon Donovan on a break away.


For those of you that didn’t get to see the game or the highlights, after Donovan’s goal, the Mexican keeper tried to slide tackle Conrad. It was completely out of line and made the keeper look like a complete dick. I can’t find the clip anywhere so I can’t show you but it was a cheap attempt to get back at the Americans.

Across the Atlantic, there have been talks of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Manchester United. Ronaldo hasn’t made en effort to dispel any rumors so people are running wild with this one. There have also been rumors of Ronaldo heading to Barcelona, but Barca’s VP Ferran Soriano has insisted that there are no plans to bring Cristiano to Spain.


If he did make the move to Barca, it would be interesting to see how those two would work together. Both players are known for their great ball control and movement.

I know Ronaldinho isn’t the best looking guy in the world, and putting him next to Cristiano, the Portuguese heart throb, doesn’t help him out. But, in that picture he can’t help but remind me of this guy:

Crypt Keeper




2 responses

8 02 2007

They showed the highlight of the slide tackle on Donovan on ESPN you might be able to go to their site today and see it on the highlights.

8 02 2007

ill give it a shot. I checked YouTube but couldn’t find it.

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