It’s Official: Borat 2!!!

8 02 2007

Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat, has signed a contract to go through with plans to make a Borat 2. If you haven’t seen the first one, do yourself a favor and…rent it as soon as it is legally available in your local video rental store.


The first Borat worked so well because not many people had seen Da Ali G Show on HBO. Therefore, not many people knew who Borat was. Cohen was able to pose as a Kazakhstani national and do and say ridiculous things that many people just assumed to be Kazakh tradition.

The movie got so much publicity (good and bad) that I’ve even heard my 50 year old dad talking about the guy and watching clips from the movie on YouTube. That doesn’t seem too promising for a sequel. Either way, I’m sure they will find a way to pull it off in some backward ass parts of this country.




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