Anna Nicole Smith, Dead at 39

8 02 2007

Anna Nicole Smith, the Playboy Playmate, was pronounced dead today due to unknown causes at the age of 39.

Anna Nicole

They aren’t sure what the causes were yet, but an autopsy is scheduled for Friday. Recently, Anna was going through alot. Her son Daniel had just passed away recently, and she was now going through legal procedures in regards to the father of her newly born baby.

Honestly, I felt bad for this woman. Over the past few years she has been ridiculed and humiliated more publically than anyone else in entertainment. I remember hearing her on the Howard Stern show a few times and those idiots just tore her apart.

Like I said, they aren’t sure what killed her but I’m thinking it had alot to do with the stress that she was going through. Who knows what meds they were pumping her with too.

Hopefully this will get cleared up in the next few days.




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