Unreal Tournament 3 Interplay on 360 & PC?

5 02 2007

Epic is considering giving Unreal Tournament 3 platform interplay between the XBOX 360 and the PC.

Lead producer, Jeff Morris, said this:

With UT, I don’t want to have the PC players to play with just half of the UT players just because of the platform. There’s a real motivation to make it interchangeable with one big pool of servers out there that everybody can play in.


Although many people would say that PC gamers could have a blatant advantage over 360 players, I would be willing to sacrifice some skill if it meant that 360 players could get in on the same community that PC players could potentially build. I started playing PC games, and only recently began playing XBOX 360 online. I have to admit, I do like it, but my roots are in PC gaming and the communities there are definitely much stronger.

Nothing is set in stone as of now but Morris said that if Shadowrun does well (which I believe is going to have interplay), they will most likely implement this.

If you are interested in reading the whole article, go over and check out TeamXbox.




2 responses

5 02 2007

What version are you going to get if this happens? I wouldn’t be able to take the ass-pounding that playing on the Xbox 360 will probably entail.

6 02 2007

I would probably have to get the 360 version. One, I don’t think my PC could handle it, two, I don’t have my PC setup right now b/c I don’t have enough room on my desk for it.

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