Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway

25 02 2007

Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway is Gearbox’s new World War 2 first person shooter. This is the most impressive looking World War 2 shooter I have seen since Call of Duty (the first release).

The physics look amazing and it seems very realistic.

Check out the trailer:


Reno 911! Miami: Passable

25 02 2007

I’ve been a fan of the Reno 911! tv show since its debut on Comedy Central. I thought the show was great from the first episode on and when I heard they were making a movie, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t jump out of my seat. It’s hard to make a good movie out of a tv show, especially a comedy. Nonetheless, I knew that I would get around to seeing it. Which I did, this past Saturday.

Reno 911!

There are alot of funny parts in the movie, but many of them you have probably already seen in the trailer. What you probably didn’t see (or hear for that matter) is all of the vulgarity in this movie. I guess having to censor the language on tv must be hard for the Reno 911! writers because the movie was full of it. I’m not complaining about that at all though, there was definitely some hilarious stuff that was heard and seen in the film that couldn’t be done on tv. Especially the scene at the motel in the beginning when you see almost every officer whacking off.

I didn’t expect much from this movie so I wasn’t completely disappointed. If you are a Reno 911! fan, I wouldn’t even bother to say “Oh my God you have to see it”. It’s definitely possible to wait for Miami to come out DVD/Blu Ray. In the end, Reno 911!: Miami had its very funny parts and it also had its recycled/intensified tv skits that you’ve most likely already seen.

Buffalo vs. Ottawa: Gang Wars on Ice

23 02 2007

When I was between the ages of 5 and 12, hockey was my game. I still remember seeing my first ever hockey game on TV between the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils, and asking my dad who he was rooting for. Being from New York, he told me to root for the blue team, the Rangers. I started playing ice hockey about a year later after becoming completely obsessed with the sport which I then played for about three years until it became too expensive for my family. I then turned to roller hockey for a few years. After a few seasons of roller hockey, I got burnt out of the sport and almost completely forgot about it until recently.

I’ve been following hockey recently and I know that there have been some major changes made to the game since the strike two years ago. The ‘acceptance’ of fighting is one of those changes and fighting on the ice has apparently become an everyday occurrence. I’m pretty sure I see a nice scuffle on ESPN Sports Center at least twice a day.

But last night was absolutely insane.

Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators drills Chris Drury of the Buffalo Sabres a late hit. Drury gets sent down quick, his helmet comes off and there is some blood spilled. Drew Stafford steps in and him and Neil start exchanging punches.

Buffalo’s coach doesn’t like what he sees happening to Drury and sends out five thugs onto the ice. You can see at the face off, the Sabre’s have no intentions of going after the puck:

What the hell is going on? The goalies are fighting? No one has seen that since like the 1970’s. This has to be the biggest brawl in sports since that pussy Varitek from the Boston Red Sox tried to fight Alex Rodriguez, sparking the Yankees-Red Sox brawl.

Yahoo! Messenger 8.0 for Windows Vista

22 02 2007

I came across this video demonstration of Yahoo! Messenger 8.0 for Windows Vista. It seems like it is going to be pretty cool looking and will fit into Vista’s UI fairly well. There are some new features as well.

If you want to check out the video, go here:
Yahoo! Messenger 8.0 Video Demonstration

Janssen-Orr Fight

21 02 2007

I was watching Sports Center this morning and the hockey highlights came on. As soon as I heard the word ‘fight’, I turned around to see what was going on. Apparently the Devils and Rangers were playing a pretty rough game. I saw New Jersey’s goalie, Brodeur, get in Avery’s face and push him after Avery skated into him on accident. Avery then shoved Brodeur and he took a nice spill. Then, Cam Janssen of the New Jersey Devils, started calling out Lundquist of the New York Rangers telling him he was gonna get a beatdown. When Janssen got on the ice, this is what happened:

As you can see, the fight starts off fairly even and then Colton Orr just lands a nice left on Janssen and drops him. That’s what you get for opening your mouth.

Thanks to for the video.

Mascherano Leaves West Ham for Liverpool

20 02 2007

Javier Mascherano, the Argentinian mid-fielder, will be leaving West Ham United and teaming up with Liverpool FC. Mascherano has been desperate to leave West Ham almost since his debut in England and hasn’t played in a match with West Ham since October 22.


He will undoubtedly be an asset to Liverpool because he will be in their starting lineup. Mascherano has been cleared to play. Even though he played for the Brazilian team, the Corinthians, and West Ham this past year, FIFA has ruled that he will be eligible for play this season.

Now, I’m wondering what will happen with Tevez, another Argentinian who came with Mascherano to West Ham over the summer.

It seems like West Ham cannot catch a break lately. First they spend some big money to bring these two over and then Tevez and Mascherano basically refuse to play and now they are sending their talent to another club.

Britney Spears Has Lost Her Mind

18 02 2007

When Britney Spears got together with Kevin Federline, I shrugged it off because I know that every girl goes through her ‘bad boy’ stage. I’m not saying that Kevin Federline is bad, in fact, he’s far from it, but he does try to come off hard. K-Fed is more of a misguided, confused, classless, idiot. I’m sorry but a wife beater and a flat brim doesn’t make you gangster.

So as I said, I didn’t think much of it when Britney married him. Then I heard she had gotten pregnant and I started to think maybe this was a more serious relationship than I had anticipated. Wrong. Not even a year after her first child was born she divorces K-Fed and starts hanging out with Paris Hilton, the amateur porn queen. Even then I just assumed she was just trying to have a little fun and maybe even convey a message that single moms can still have fun. I don’t know, maybe not. But that is what it seemed like to me.

Then she starts flashing her cooter all over the place and there are rumors of her having drug abuse problems etc. Where the hell did that come from? Paris Hilton really knows how to ruin lives and it starts by her convincing her friends not to wear underwear in public.

Now Britney goes and pulls this:

Britney 1

Britney 2

Oh my God. Apparently she checked herself into a drug rehab center in Antigua (or some other place like that, I’m sorry I can’t find the exact location), spent a day there, came out, shaved her head, then got a tattoo. I guess one day in drug rehab really does make you cold as ice.

It’s clear that Britney has lost her mind. You have two children. Go home. You shouldn’t be partying until six in the morning with Paris Hilton unless you want to turn up on every porn website on the internet. Something is seriously wrong with this girl and she needs help.