Google Loses Right to Use “Gmail” Name

31 01 2007

My friend Frank just showed me this over at slashdot. Apparently Google has lost the right to use the name “Gmail” for their e-mail service.


Daniel Giersch, a German-born 32-year old entrepreneur, has just announced that his company received a positive ruling last week from the Harmonization Office supporting his claim that “Gmail” and his own “G-mail” are confusingly similar. G-mail is a German service that provides a “” email address, but also allows for a sort of “hybrid mail” system in which documents can be sent electronically, printed out by the company, and delivered in paper format to local addresses.” It looks like “Google Mail” from here on out, at least in the Old Country.

I guess this means they will have to change the name. This is probably going to cause alot of confusion and possibly some backlash. I have a Gmail account and I guess the domain (the ‘’ part) will be automatically changed. I’m not quite sure how this will work for people who are subscribed to mailing lists, this is where I see the most frustration arising. It will obviously be a pain to let everyone know that your email address has slightly changed. Should be interesting to see how Google handles this.

I’m forseeing a buyout. Google has enough money to buy out a small country, I think they’ll be able to handle one German guy.




One response

31 01 2007

Yea, they better buy that guy out.

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