Windows Vista Released!

30 01 2007

I don’t know why I put that exclamation point in there, because I’m not all that excited about this release, since I’ve been using an Apple for about a year now, but, I am looking forward to see how this version of Windows does. There are alot of “new” features in this version and it will be interesting to see how they play out. I say “new”, because they are only new to Windows users, OS X users have had these things available to them since the release of Tiger.


Visually, Vista is appealing. The glass interface and the black taskbar seems to go nicely together (although, I still do prefer OS X’s interface). For Windows, this is a big improvement to prior user interfaces.

Although Vista looks prettier, I’m still wondering if Microsoft was able to truly fix many of the problems that arose with previous versions of Windows. Security flaws are always a big issue with Windows, primarily because that is which OS hackers target most, but nonetheless, these issues needed to be addressed. I’m also wondering if they did anything to fix how windows handles memory. On a Mac, you can leave your machine running for days without ever even needing to restart because OS X handles processes and allocation very well. On a Windows machine, if you’ve been running for twelve hours without needing a restart, I’d say that’s pretty good.

I really am hoping Microsoft got alot of things right this time around. I truly like Bill Gates (even though he’s pulled some shady moves in the past) and know he has high hopes and intentions for Windows. Over the next few weeks I’ll keep you guys updated on my impressions.




5 responses

30 01 2007

The big thing is the DX10 support, right?

30 01 2007

yeah, for gaming at least.

31 01 2007

I like Gates and big business. And the fact he can be so rich off such a “bad product” makes it even better. Think how rich he’d be with a really good one. At times I don’t like Windows but I mean if I wrote some software that didn’t work all the time and still had billions of dollars, I wouldn’t really care.

31 01 2007

Yeah, he does alot of good things with his money. He donates alot to Africa and other causes like that. He’s not the typical greedy business man. And yeah, he is a sick business man.

31 01 2007

Yeah him and his wife (well it is mostly his money I guess) donate all over the place.

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