Unreal Tournament III Heads to XBOX 360

28 01 2007

That’s right, it’s no longer PC/PS3 exclusive so if you are a 360 owner this is good news for you. I love the Unreal Tournament series and their new engine is amazing so I’m glad we will get to see this game on the 360, since that is what I own.

Unreal Tournament 3

I know that UT2007 is supposed to be released this year as well, but I guess UT3 is the console equivalent to that. This is being developed by the same people who made Gears of War, so not only are they a talented bunch, but they also have some extensive experience with the Unreal engine. The screenshots and videos that are available are pretty impressive. I also heard that the single player campaign will be more in-depth and have an actual story. If you have played any of the Unreal Tournaments before, you know that the only single player mode available is deathmatch against bots.

TeamXbox.com has some nice high definition footage of the game, so if you are interested, head over and check out the videos.




6 responses

28 01 2007

Don’t count on UT3 being the same as UT2k7, earlier they were two different versions. UT2 and UT2k3,4 were different. One is a single player story line where the other is more the deathmatch, etc.

29 01 2007

I thought they had the plain-old “Unreal” series for single-player – and that it sucked. I wouldn’t expect much from the single-player in this game. The online multiplayer will most definitely rock though.

29 01 2007

yeah Joel, that’s what I thought too. Now I’m not sure ;/

29 01 2007

You’re right there was no tournament attached to it I forgot. But with the number 3 attached to it like that makes me seem liike it would be the next in line for that type of game compared to the multiplayer.

29 01 2007

Yeah Frank that’s what I originally thought too when I first saw it, but then I read that article at teamXbox and it seems like it’s gonna be the UT that we always loved haha

29 01 2007

Make the comment order reversed if you can.

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