Windows Vista and Gaming

24 01 2007

Peter Moore, corporate vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business of Microsoft, issused a letter in which he talks about the future of gaming on Windows Vista, which is scheduled to release on January 30th.


Moore says that with Vista, gaming on a PC will be extremely easy, which I don’t quite get. I guess the graphics will be much better, but that’s pretty obvious, since to run Vista I believe you need a 256mb video card minimum. Moore also talked about LIVE and how they will intergrate it into the PC gaming environment as well. I don’t know if he means that XBOX 360 and PC gamers will face off against each other, but I’m guessing that’s not where he was going with that comment.

As for the rest of the letter, he just goes on about how easy it will be to organize your games and see all of your accomplishments in one place. Nothing seems too impressive here, but I guess if you love “Gamer Cards” and you don’t have XBOX Live yet, you’ll have it soon enough…if your computer can handle Vista.

If you are interested in reading the rest of the article, you can read it over at




2 responses

24 01 2007

I just laughed at Ballmer’s face. Jesus, that guy is insane.

Oh wait…

“Mark your calendars: January 30th 2007 will be the most significant day in gaming for the next several years.”

Comedic perfection. Especially since newegg is already selling half-priced OEM packages of Vista.

24 01 2007

lol, yeah Vista won’t change anything. Every release of Windows is made out to be like the coming of the Messiah.

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