American Idol Season 6: ATTACK OF THE INBREDS

24 01 2007

I could never really get into American Idol because I’m not into pop music. I also can’t see myself respecting an artist who is hand picked by just singing songs that are handed to them. Don’t get me wrong, I respect people who have good voices, but there is something that sets apart singers from great artists. Great artists write their own music, maybe even play an instrument, and to top it off, they can sing as well. American Idol is what it is, a reality show, and to me, once the season is over, it shouldn’t go anywhere after that. The person who is declared winner may have a great voice, but the way they got their contract has to be the most absolutely generic path they could have chosen.

Anyway, although I do not follow American Idol, I watch the first three or four episodes religiously. I love seeing these clearly delusional sociopaths embarass themselves on television every Wednesday night. Sometimes I question if it is an act or not because some of these people are clearly terrible and have no place even auditioning. I know I have a horrible voice, therefore I would never pitch a tent on the streets of Manhattan, piss in a bucket for a week, and eat thirty half cooked hot pockets, for Simon Cowell to tell me that I should go home and put the barrel of a gun in my mouth. Honestly, that guy is a fucking prick, but the shit that comes out of his mouth is hilarious. He could do stand up by just ripping on the audience for an hour and I would watch every second of it.

So far, the first few episodes of this season have been hilarious. I don’t know where some of these people crawl out from or what parts of the back woods of West Virginia Fox finds them in. The producers are getting really crafty with the shitty auditions this season too which makes it that much more comical. They are putting dramatic music behind the contestants little pleas after they are brutally shot down to make it seem like a soap opera. The judges this season have just gotten so fed up with some of these people for wasting their time, they just don’t give a fuck what they say to them. I’ve never seen Paula Abdul so cold.

If you haven’t seen any of the auditions you can check them out here:




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