Colts and Bears; Belichick is a Dick

22 01 2007

I left my house for Delaware last night at about 7:30 PM, knowing that the Saints had already lost to the Bears. I was disappointed that the Saints didn’t make it to the Superbowl this year, but the Bears are a good, deserving team, and Chicago has waited a while for this opportunity. I also left knowing that the Colts were down to the demon spawn Patriots at the end of the first quarter. It seemed that they were getting worked over quite early and the Patriots were on their way to another Superbowl appearance, which being from New York, of course I didn’t want.

At about 9:30 I got a call telling me that the Colts had come back and taken the game from the Patriots in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

Superbowl XLi

Since I didn’t see the game, I won’t go into much detail about it, but I have to say I am very happy for Peyton Manning. He’s obviously one of the best and classiest quarterbacks to ever play the game and he deserves this more than anyone else in the NFL right now, in my humble opinion.

I hate the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick, so it was even better to see the Colts beat them, than if it had been another team. My hate towards New England stems from the same innate feelings all New Yorkers are born with, which is our natural hate for Boston and their teams. Belichick started out with a clean slate in my book until he pulled his little stunt with the Jets. I think he was head coach for them for about a day, and then left for New England, probably for more money. Even so, that’s something most people, like myself, would be able to get over, but Belichick didn’t stop there.

Not only was Belichick classless then, but he’s classless now. Look at how this retard dresses:

Bill Belichick

You’re an NFL coach, not a homeless drunken bum. Put on a sweatshirt that fits and doesn’t look like you found it in a dumpster. You have enough money to wear a different Armani suit to every game of the season. I’m not saying that he should do that, but at least take a shower and put on a clean shirt. Cutting off your sleeves is not badass and it doesn’t look cool, Cindy Lauper.

I’ve been a Jets fan since I can remember and the way Belichick handled Mangini leaving him for the Jets really pissed me off. He barely even touched Mangini’s hand after the first time the Jets and Pats met this season and it was made public knowledge that Belichick was unhappy that Mangini left New England. If you expect ssomeone to turn down a head coaching job in the NFL, you’re an idiot. You might not want the guy to leave, being in the same conference and all, but get over it and wish him luck. Belichick is a classless prick and nothing made me happier than seeing a talented and deserving player like Peyton Manning and the Colts take away his chance at getting another superbowl this year.

I hope the Colts pull through and win this one for Manning, but even if they don’t, Urlacher is a monster, and the Bears are just as deserving as Indianappolis.




2 responses

22 01 2007

You forgot to mention how Belichick blew off Manning after the game. He did hug Tony Dungy though. Maybe he’s just mad that Peyton Manning actually played better than Brady for once in the playoffs.

22 01 2007

lol. yeah i didnt get a chance to see any of the game after the first 12 minutes. i was on the Jersey turnpike. fuck.

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