20 01 2007

So I was forced to watch Roadhouse the other night and I have to admit, I have no ever been so utterly appauled by a motion picture in my entire life.


I knew it was an 80’s movie before hand so I didn’t have very high expectations for this movie, and the people I was watching it with had already seen it and the way they were talking about it, I knew it would be hilarious.

The movie stars Patrick Swayze, a hardened bouncer at a club in New York who takes a position in some shit hole bar in the south. There, he is assigned to clean up the local bar and handle the neighboring competition who are always burning down the local general stores and avoiding attempted murder and manslaughter charges.

The other club has its own set of bouncers who are led by their leader, Jimmy. What a fearsome bunch of trouble makers these rascals are.

Roadhouse has more than a few memorable, but absurd, fight scenes throughout the duration of the film. Dalton, Swayze’s character, is known for his throat ripping capabilities. The final fight scene, between Dalton and the enemy club’s lead bouncer, Jimmy, is absolutely uncalled for. The scene begins with your standard 80’s martial arts fighting scene, but then Jimmy takes it to the next level by telling Dalton he “…used to fuck guys like him in prison.” What an unnecessary comment. Dalton ends this brutal, but apparently familiar street fight, by removing Jimmy’s throat from his neck.

Not only is Roadhouse a ridiculous movie with an absolutely retarded plot, it manages to make a complete fool out of itself at the same time. Acting has come a long way in the past fifteen years.




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