The Vick Brothers: Stupid.

18 01 2007

Michael Vick is being investigated for attempting to sneak a water bottle onto a plane that contained a hidden compartment which Miami Police are reporting smelled of marijuana.

Michael Vick

Smooth move, Mike. As my friend pointed out, recently water bottles have been outlawed on planes because of terrorist plots to transport bomb making materials. So what does Michael Vick do? He hides his weed in a water bottle and tries to bring it onto a plane. I don’t know if he watches the news or just thinks he can get away with stuff like that because he’s a professional athlete, but whichever one it is, it’s still sad. Can’t you just pick up when you get wherever you are going? Whatever.

Then there is his younger brother, Marcus.

Marcus Vick

This genius starts off his career at Virginia Tech by smashing some sixteen year olds and gets caught. You’re a starting quarterback at a huge university where I’m sure 90% of the girls would give it up to you if you put in just a little effort. And by “a little effort”, I mean looking at them. Why the fuck would you waste your time and risk getting caught with some fucking high school girls. Then he decides to hold someone at gun point in a McDonald’s parking lot. Way to keep a low profile. Asshole.




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