30 Seconds to Mars, the Only Band in the Past 5 Years I Can Listen To

15 01 2007

I have had their album, ‘A Beautiful Lie’, for a while now and I have to say out of all of the rock music that has come around in the past five years or so, I can actually listen to these guys.

30 Seconds to Mars

Their style may be really weird and defnitely considered ’emo’ but they are really talented guys. I’m sure that most of you have heard of them by now but I’m sure some of you haven’t, since many of my friends are strong advocates of the anti-MTV movement. If you haven’t heard of the band itself, you defnitely know Jared Leto, their lead singer. He played Harry in ‘Requiem for a Dream’.

The album has a “hard core” sound to it because Leto can definitely scream but he can also sing, which is something that I personally feel most hardcore bands lack, which makes their music impossible to listen to.

If you haven’t heard any of their stuff and are interested, check out this video:




One response

6 04 2007

Jared Leto Is So Hot,He Sings Good And Is A Good Actor
And Their Group Very Good

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