Blood Diamond

14 01 2007

I didn’t see the Departed, but I heard Di Caprio was badass in that, which I found hard to believe since the last time I saw him in a movie was in Titanic when I was about thirteen years old. I couldn’t picture him in a more crude role. Although it was hard at first to take him seriously with a South African accent, the movie got so serious so quickly you forgot anything you previously thought about Di Caprio.


The movie follows one native African and his family in the war torn Sierra Leonne. Just like Children of Men, this movie makes you think about foreign policy and human nature in general. It’s a powerful movie with an even more powerful message. It will definitely keep you entertained and even after the movie you will still be thinking about it.




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15 01 2007

This is somewhat unrelated, but I read a rumor that Scorsese wanted to make a Teddy Roosevelt movie and that he looking to cast DiCaprio for the part. The man has a serious hard-on for DiCaprio apparently. I laughed when I first read it, but then I saw a pic of DiCaprio and was actually surprised by how much he looked like a young Teddy. He just needs to gain a few pounds. I can’t believe I’m warming up to the guy so quickly – and I haven’t even seen Blood Diamond. The Departed was just so damn awesome.

15 01 2007

go see blood diamond if you can, it was pretty baller.

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