The Wire

13 01 2007

Let me just start by saying that this show is the most addicting show I have ever watched. More than 24, more than anything. I never had HBO before, so graphic violence and language on TV really does alot for a show like this. The show takes place in Baltimore, Maryland and every season focuses on different characters in the city. Last season, season four, was primarily about the Mayor and some local kids who get involved in the drug and murder scene.


I’ve only seen seasons one and four and skipped through most of two, but I just started three and I can’t stop watching the show. I think it’s because of the way that it shows both the drug dealing and policing sides of the story. From the perspective of the Baltimore Police Dept. you see how frustrating and impossible it is to fight a war on drugs, and from the street perspective you see how they don’t want to sell drugs and go back and forth killing each other over drugs and territory but it is their only way to get out of that environment. You get both perspectives and it really makes you think about alot of social issues going on in America today.




One response

13 01 2007

You really should have watched Season 2. I think it’s as good, if not better, than Season 1, which I felt took its time in building up. Maybe because I know the characters better this time around, but Season 2 also just has more storylines weaving through the episodes. And I bet Season 3 will blow it out of the water.

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