Beckham Part II

13 01 2007

I know Joel has already posted his thoughts on David Beckham’s recent move to the Galaxy over at the Somewhat Manly Nerd, but as someone who follows international soccer more closely, I thought my opinions could bring some light to the situation for those who know even less.


As I said in my comment on his blog, bringing Beckham to the MLS is like sending Bernie Williams over to Russia to play baseball. Number one, baseball isn’t a very popular sport in Russia, just like soccer isn’t big here in America. Number two, Bernie Williams is past his prime, just like David Beckham. Number three, one fucking player is not going to change a fucking team at the professional level let alone an entire fucking sport. Maybe people will watch three minutes of an LA Galaxy game just to see what all the fuss over Beckham is about, but after two minutes I guarantee you the average American will quickly change the channel when they don’t see someone get laid out and punished, or some goal scoring.

I’ve played soccer all of my life and I follow the Italian Serie A and the FA Premier League over in England and I can understand why most people cannot sit through an entire game of soccer. It does get boring if you don’t have any patience or appreciation for the sport, and I don’t blame people for that.

Beckham is not the type of player that will bring the excitement to the game that the MLS is looking for. Sure, he can hit an indirect from 35 yards away, but he’s no Ronaldinho, Rooney, or Henry. He doesn’t have the individual ball skill and flare that these players have.

The fact of the matter is, Beckham is out of his prime and the job they expect him to do is much too big for one man. The best players are in Europe, and that is where they are appreciated, so that is where they will stay. Beckham is not as skilled as he is pretty and I’m having a very difficult time picturing him in a half empty stadium playing with second class players in a second class league.




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