Google Loses Right to Use “Gmail” Name

31 01 2007

My friend Frank just showed me this over at slashdot. Apparently Google has lost the right to use the name “Gmail” for their e-mail service.


Daniel Giersch, a German-born 32-year old entrepreneur, has just announced that his company received a positive ruling last week from the Harmonization Office supporting his claim that “Gmail” and his own “G-mail” are confusingly similar. G-mail is a German service that provides a “” email address, but also allows for a sort of “hybrid mail” system in which documents can be sent electronically, printed out by the company, and delivered in paper format to local addresses.” It looks like “Google Mail” from here on out, at least in the Old Country.

I guess this means they will have to change the name. This is probably going to cause alot of confusion and possibly some backlash. I have a Gmail account and I guess the domain (the ‘’ part) will be automatically changed. I’m not quite sure how this will work for people who are subscribed to mailing lists, this is where I see the most frustration arising. It will obviously be a pain to let everyone know that your email address has slightly changed. Should be interesting to see how Google handles this.

I’m forseeing a buyout. Google has enough money to buy out a small country, I think they’ll be able to handle one German guy.


The Number 23

31 01 2007

I don’t know if everyone has heard of this movie, but it looks really cool. I’m into conspiracy theories and all that stuff. I’ll even give those “Loose Change” 9/11 conspiracy movies the time of day, even though I do not believe them one bit.

The Number 23 stars Jim Carrey. He begins to read this book called “The Number 23” and starts recognizing all these connections in his life to that number. From the looks of the trailer, not everything he encounters regarding 23 is a good thing.

Check out the trailer here:

Windows Vista Released!

30 01 2007

I don’t know why I put that exclamation point in there, because I’m not all that excited about this release, since I’ve been using an Apple for about a year now, but, I am looking forward to see how this version of Windows does. There are alot of “new” features in this version and it will be interesting to see how they play out. I say “new”, because they are only new to Windows users, OS X users have had these things available to them since the release of Tiger.


Visually, Vista is appealing. The glass interface and the black taskbar seems to go nicely together (although, I still do prefer OS X’s interface). For Windows, this is a big improvement to prior user interfaces.

Although Vista looks prettier, I’m still wondering if Microsoft was able to truly fix many of the problems that arose with previous versions of Windows. Security flaws are always a big issue with Windows, primarily because that is which OS hackers target most, but nonetheless, these issues needed to be addressed. I’m also wondering if they did anything to fix how windows handles memory. On a Mac, you can leave your machine running for days without ever even needing to restart because OS X handles processes and allocation very well. On a Windows machine, if you’ve been running for twelve hours without needing a restart, I’d say that’s pretty good.

I really am hoping Microsoft got alot of things right this time around. I truly like Bill Gates (even though he’s pulled some shady moves in the past) and know he has high hopes and intentions for Windows. Over the next few weeks I’ll keep you guys updated on my impressions.

Unreal Tournament III Heads to XBOX 360

28 01 2007

That’s right, it’s no longer PC/PS3 exclusive so if you are a 360 owner this is good news for you. I love the Unreal Tournament series and their new engine is amazing so I’m glad we will get to see this game on the 360, since that is what I own.

Unreal Tournament 3

I know that UT2007 is supposed to be released this year as well, but I guess UT3 is the console equivalent to that. This is being developed by the same people who made Gears of War, so not only are they a talented bunch, but they also have some extensive experience with the Unreal engine. The screenshots and videos that are available are pretty impressive. I also heard that the single player campaign will be more in-depth and have an actual story. If you have played any of the Unreal Tournaments before, you know that the only single player mode available is deathmatch against bots. has some nice high definition footage of the game, so if you are interested, head over and check out the videos.

Duke Nukem Forever Screenshot Spotted

27 01 2007

Someone stumbled across a screenshot on 3D Realms’ website that has been confirmed as an in-game shot from Duke Nukem Forever.

Duke Nukem

I played the original Duke Nukem’s and don’t know exactly what the big fuss about this is. The game has been in “production” for about ten years now so no one but the people over at 3D Realms know what is happening with it.

The President of 3D Realms had this to say about it:

I guess I’ll reconfirm what I said last night. That’s an in game, real-time shot of Duke standing in a random hallway. It was really done as a small teaser for a job ad on Nothing more.

Adriano Knock Out & Soccer Fights

27 01 2007

I stumbled across this video on YouTube the other day when I was looking for clips of Adriano. I was looking for highlight clips but I found a compilation video of soccer fights that starts off with him rocking some skinny dude’s jaw.

Adriano is a beast of a man. He’s about six feet tall and around 180 lbs. which is a pretty good size, and he’s no push-over. You’ll see in the video that his opponent threw the first punch (more like a slap), Adriano then looks at him with a “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” look on his face, and drills him.


25 01 2007

Grindhouse is a film that both Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez have been working on since the Spring of 2006. It consists of two segments, Death Proof, a slasher film written and directed by Tarantino, and Planet Terror, a zombie film, written and directed by Rodriguez.


Both segments are two completely different films that will be seperated by trailers for fake movies. It sounds like an interesting idea. I’m not sure if anything like this has ever been done so it will be cool to see how it turns out. Both directors have great styles and alot of talent so I’m expecting these to turn out pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of either genre but I think they may be able to do it right. I mean, I wasn’t a fan of middle aged white women ninja assassins until I saw Kill Bill, so I will give it a shot. Tarantino should be a pretty recognizable name for most people but if you haven’t heard of Rodriguez, he directed Sin City. If you haven’t seen that, do yourself a favor and go see it.

Planet Terror

Death Proof

If you want to learn more you can check out the Grindhouse site.